Mustarinda is a collective that was founded by artists and researchers in 2009 with the aim of enhancing ecological and cultural diversity. Mustarinda House, which is located on the summit of Paljakka hill in Hyrynsalmi, mid-Finland, and surrounded by a primeval forest, provides the test bed for Mustarinda's exhibition, residency, research and publication activities. The energy for the house is produced by six-kilowatt solar panels, geothermal heat and compost heat. The energy system, in combination with a food garden and an electric vehicle, functions as a basis for post-fossil fuel experimentality. In addition to Hyrynsalmi, Mustarinda works in various other locations in and outside Finland.

Mustarinda invites artists in the project to experience and explore the rare, in places completely untouched, forests surrounding the residency centre in and around the Paljakka Nature Reserve in Northern Finland. Twitter Facebook Instagram