Jutempus, with its founders Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas alongside Tracey Warr and Viktorija Siaulyte, will develop and coordinate Frontiers Art Education Programme with a focus on multidisciplinary methodologies and sustainability in artistic research. Through their research platform Zooetics, they will construct and draw together a meta layer to the project, elaborating on the discourses and deepening the theoretical and conceptual level of the participants' inquiries. 

Jutempus and Zooetics will work closely with the associated partner and other educational institutions, such as Kaunas Tecnological University in Lithuania, to organise a series of top lectures, seminars, student workshops, research days, field trips and exchanges. The programme will unfold alongside the various stages of the project, involve the artists and their research processes and form a base for a sustainable art education and research network. Twitter Facebook