FiR Conversations in Farrera: Tracey Warr

FiR Conversations in Farrera

Tracey Warr

Tracey Warr in conversation with Quelic Berga at Centre d’Art i Natura, Farrera, Catalan Pyrenees, 2015 [12 mins]


From a series of conversations by Tracey Warr with Frontiers in Retreat artists in residence in Farrera and the Centre d’Art i Natura curator, Lluis Llobet. The conversations considered the work that the artists were developing in Farrera, experiences of artists’ residencies, and notions of ecology, frontiers, and retreat.


'Future ecology has to be bound up with questions of future economy and equalities. A lot of ecological problems are stemming from the industrialisation and capitalisation of everyday needs. We need a new vision. Capitalism is cannibalism causing all of us to live impoverished lives, not just economically but spiritually. In my fiction I’m trying to imagine ways that we could live differently. Lots of shifts have occurred in our history – attitudes towards slavery, feminism, race, equality, animal rights. More shifts can occur. Frontiers are unstable places where categories can get redrawn and reformed.

Sometimes it is really useful to disconnect and withdraw for creative purposes, to have slow contemplation time. In residencies you make with a place that isn’t your own place, shift from your habits into something less familiar, shaking your ideas up and shaking new ideas out of you. The FIR artists’ shared focus for five years, means other people’s ideas and practices are challenging me to reconsider some of my own ideas, to keep those fluid.'