Tracey Warr

Throughout the Frontiers in Retreat project, Tracey Warr, has continued to research the behaviours and properties of water, and the characteristics of aquatic life-forms. She published the novella, Meanda, in English and French, in 2016 as an ebook and twitter fiction. The story of Meanda is set on an exoplanet that is 90% water. Extracts from the text were installed along the footpath beside the River Lot in France in the Exoplanet Lot exhibition. She is currently working on new future fictions, focusing on the mucus technologies of aquatic life. Later this year she will publish a set of three books entitled The Water Age: a collection of future fictions; a collection of art and writing workshop exercises; and an account of her research journey. She has also made a series of interviews with Frontiers in Retreat artists working at Centre d’Art i Natura, which are included in the Edge Effects online exhibition.