Tue Greenfort: On-Going Mushroom Cultivation Research


Tue Greenfort initiated his On-Going Mushroom Cultivation Research during his first Frontiers residency at HIAP in summer 2014, when he fed Pleurotus Mychorriza mushrooms Cartesian thinking via a Finnish edition of René Descartes’ 1899 methodological essay. The mushrooms grew from the book during the Dissolving Frontiers exhibition, and the cultivation was woken up again for the second Frontiers exhibition at HIAP. This was done during an open Mushroom Cultivation Action event at the HIAP Gallery Augusta, in summer 2015. The mushrooms again acted as agents of the artwork, revealing rhizomatic ways of existing and decomposing beyond dualist thinking.

Greenfort continued the project at his residency in Mustarinda, and participated in their Composition exhibition.

Dissolving Frontiers Excavations Composition