Simon Yuill: Craft, The Commons and Slime Moulds

Essays, 2015–2016

The Uncommonality of the Commons, Slime Mold and Political Constitution, and The Biconditionality of Craft and Kraft by Simon Yuill are a set of three texts, each written as a self-contained work in a different style, and published sequentially in the form of a fascicle (a publishers off-print used as a way of serialising novels in the 17th century). The Uncommonality of the Commons is the first in the series, relating to themes of the commons, labour, and nature. The talk was originally presented as part of Estovers Part 1: Urban and Rural, Historical and Contemporary, Commons and the Common, a public discussion produced and chaired by Emma Balkind in Glasgow, 2013. The Biconditionality of Craft and Kraft explores how the divergent evolution of a single word in English and German reconnects to the emergence of contemporary understandings of creativity, labour, and nature.

SSW and Simon Yuill are publishing the texts as part of their contribution to Frontiers in Retreat.

The Uncommonality of the Commons Slime Mold and Political Constitution