Nabb+Teeri: Thinking of Invertebrates

Animation, 30min 16sec, 2017
English text: Anna Rawlings

Thinking of Invertebrates is built around travel diary entries from a residency period in Serbia that are coupled with 3D animation sequences. The work is a seamless combination of documentary diary entries and digital fantasy. The spoken text and the visuals connect occasionally, drift apart and become joined again later. The animated 3D objects and scenes based on photogrammetry give a visual form to agents and landscapes that are ordinarily hidden from our senses, but are now observable with the aid of machine vision. One of the recurring themes in the piece is the encounter between invertebrates and other beings.

8 September

In the botanical gardens, a bank has sponsored a flowerbed and a telecommunications company a park bench, the historical greenhouse has been renovated with EU money. Indoors, a woman waters plant beds with a garden hose. I find the fungi growing on the rotten wood between the labelled plants most impressive. Some of the mushrooms look like small, soil-coated almond potatoes. One minuscule pale-yellow fungus, decorative like a hedgehog mushroom, is washed invisible with the pressure of the water from the hose. In the cactus room, a Stapelia grandiflora is opening its buds. 
A dark squirrel hides hazelnuts from its cheek pouches into a plastic flowerpot by the building.