Mari Keski-Korsu: Clydesdale Oracle

Session, March 10, 2016 at SSW (Lumsden, Scotland, UK)

The second Clydesdale Oracle in the Oracle series took place on March 10, 2016, with Scottish Clydesdale horses of the Strathorn Farm Stables. Like Alpaca Oracle, Clydesdale Oracle aims to ask for help and advice for humankind from other animals. It looks at the possibility of expanding human consciousness on the present state and future prospects of life on Earth, by practising the skills of inter-species communication or telepathy. These sessions search for empathetic connection with other species, and through that, a deeper connection with the ecosystem we live in.

This was the second Oracle session where chanting was used to slow down the traffic in human minds, and like alpacas, horses seem to respond very well to this practice. When this was tried before the actual Clydesdale Oracle session, four Clydesdales surrounded the chanter immediately.

The second Clydesdale Oracle was organised in collaboration with the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in the context of Frontiers in Retreat. Clydesdale Oracle was part of the Sitting on Eggs incubator.