Gints Gabrans: Mutant selection

plastic sculptures, 2009–

What happens with art if the basic principles of the functioning of evolution are used as a technique or algorithm to create new works of art? In this case we are talking about accelerating the process similar to what happens in “gamma greenhouses” where cultivars are irradiated in order to obtain a large number of diverse genetic mutations in a short time. From these are taken the most useful characteristics for further cultivar selection.

Mutant selection, a series of plastic sculptures is made by pouring molten plastic into cold water. As it hardens, it sometimes organises itself into beautiful forms and structures. (This is similar to the traditional custom of fortune-telling by pouring a molten piece of lead into cold water and analysing the forms produced.) Then, by a process of selection, the most interesting and beautiful examples of sculpture are preserved and “mated” through partially melting them together. As a result, every next generation of sculptures produces more and more complicated and sophisticated structures. In this way using a process of feedback, sculptures have been formed since 2009.

The 6th generation of the Mutant selection was on show at the Klaipeda Culture Communications Center KKKC (LT) in 2016. Every exhibition location is very important for sparking off the next mutation. Viewers at the KKKC exhibition were able to supplement the work with their own line. This also gave the viewer the right to mention the exhibition in their creative CV as one of the exhibition authors.

Art is mutation that shapes changes in culture.

KKKC: Ginst Gabrans, Mutant selection, 2016