Carl Giffney: I really don't feel them

Film, 2014-2016

I really don’t feel them, is a feature length documentary in HD + stereo made by Carl Giffney across 2014 and 2015 in Finland, Scotland and The Netherlands. It spans three residencies at: HIAP, Suomenlinna (FI), The Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Aberdeenshire, (UK) + Mustarinda, Hyrynsalmi, (FI).  These residencies form part of a broader project entitled, Frontiers In Retreat. 

Here Carl Giffney tells us about his time at HIAP, his work and its connection to Finland:

The work that was completed at HIAP in 2015, I really don’t feel them, is the fourth leg of a four legged project that begins in The Netherlands, before moving to Scotland and then to Finland. The first three legs involved making active research, shooting video, making props, editing, performing and scripting. At HIAP, the results of this nine month period (video, sound and stills) were edited and produced to make I really don’t feel them.

The film is centered around a very special pair of shoes. 

The film opens in The Netherlands. That’s where the shoes are from- Holland. They are clogs you see, but not just any clogs. We move to Scotland, where the shoes are being made.  They are made of bronze. They are being cast at a foundry. There is a full moon rising. As the bronze and molds are being prepared, the furnace is lit. At the same time in Scotland there is a vote going on about National Independence from Britain. We see the votes being counted and the results collated on live TV. A small crowd watches the results. The bronze is poured. The vote turns out to be a ‘No to Independence’. The shoes are cast. The full moon retreats. The crowd disperses. Continue reading

I really don't feel them