Anna Rubio: The Echo of the Hermitages

Performance, 2014-2015

Seven performances realised in collaboration with different musicians in seven chapels and natural environments in the High Pyrenees. All actions started with silently walking to the place, and ended with a talk with an expert.

During the centuries, these hermitages were places of prayer and meditation. Some of them are now abandoned and ill, and are places just for "fast-consuming tourism", without the time to feel and realise what the place is talking about, its echo. By listening to these places, and through artistic interventions, I try to give them recognition. It is time to recognise their role as places full of energy, and the essence of all human and nonhuman beings that used them during the centuries, and their extraordinary natural environment.

These performances are the result of a creative process based on listening to the chapel at High Pyrenees and its environment, by improvisation and Amerta Movement Approach. This listening allows dialogue between the place and the artist, offering the audience a new view of the place.

The project started with a residence in CAN of Farrera in June 2014, followed with another residence in July 2015, and has the support of Frontiers in Retreat and the High Pyrenees Natural Park.