Frontiers in Retreat


Reflections on Tuula Närhinen‘s LOCAL

“In October 2014 and April 2016 I had the chance to work in Farrera, a tiny village in the Catalonian Pyrenees close to the border of Andorra. I attempted to capture visual and auditory sense impressions engendered by the movement of the winds.

Tuula developed her project Local specifically for Frontiers in Retreat. Her previous works and projects have dealt primarily with water (Seawatercolours, Touch of Rain and Clapotis for example), but for Local she decided to investigate her environment through the other elements as well. She began her research by looking into how wind behaves, then progressed further into the realms of earth, water, rock formations and the colours of the landscape of Farrera, Spain, where she completed two residencies in October 2014 and April 2016.


Guests of project Frontiers in Retreat visiting art colonies Zlakusi and Ečka August 2014

During August, Kc Grad started realization of five-year project which gathers several international artist in residence programme. Guests-artists of Kc Grad, Saara-Maria Kariranta, Quelic Berga  and Joanes Simon-Perret, are during residence in Serbia participated in art colonies in Zlakusa and Ečka.


Zlakusa art colony was founded two decades ago, and it was one of the most respected art pottery manifestations ever since. The specificity of this art colony is reflected in the construction of delicate bridge between traditional pottery methods and  modern tendencies in art pottery. Through years, colonies were visited by 300 artists, art critics, archaeologists, art photographers and architects.

Art colony in Ečka was founded in 1956. The specificity of this art colony is combining current trends in visual arts with their own specifics. Until the foundation of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade in 1965. the art colony Ečka was the only place in Serbia where Yugoslav production of fine art could be seen in one place. The opening of the exhibition in Zrenjanin, which will include work of artists who participate in the project, is scheduled for the 27th of October.

After art colonies, artists will be in Belgrade until 26 of September and then they will go to the Museum Staro Selo in Sirogojno where they will join another participant in the project, artist Mirko Nikolić. For the following period Kc Grad prepares first seminar/incubator  whithin „Frontiers in Retreat“ project which will be held in Belgrade from 2 do 5 of October. Beside four artist who are searching for inspiration in Serbia, during seminar, will join us other artists who will be participating in project in following years as well as representatives of partner organizations from Finland, Spain, Latvia, Great Britain and Iceland. Seminar / incubator will host a large number of professors and students from several art academies from Finland, Denmark and Norway.